Monticello, NY: A Weekend Retreat to Remember!

Looking for a quick winter weekend getaway from New York City? Gather a handful of friends and head upstate to Monticello, NY! This cute little town in the Catskill region is an oasis for anyone that doesn't mind a little snow tagging along their trip. Book your stay with Red Cottage Inc. to make the experience that much more unforgettable! 

I recently made the weekend trip with a few friends and it was a bonding experience like none other. From snowy hikes through the woods to cooking all of our meals and everything in between! We played games, soaked in the hot tub and got to know each other that much better!

I'd suggest this as a weekend run for anyone looking to strengthen the bonds amongst friends or lovers. It was a quiet weekend with a great group of people that I would gladly do again before the season ends; and Red Cottage Inc. gets two thumbs up for providing a great atmosphere for that magical weekend!