Finding Christmas Spirit in NYC!

The holidays are a magical time of year in the city that never sleeps. From decorated storefronts to massive art installations, there are plenty of visuals to help spread the holiday cheer in New York City. Whether your thing is to watch a Christmas show or grab the best hot chocolate in the city, there is literally something for everyone. I have some routine sites that I make it a point to visit every year to help me find my holiday cheer and I’d love it if you all tagged along this year! 

5. Gingerbread House Boulevard in Madison Square Park: I love going to see these life size edible treats. A newer installation in the city but fun for the whole family! 

4. Bryant Park skating rink: I love this rink because it’s centrally located in midtown Manhattan and despite being closer to Time Square, it’s usually a bit less crowded than it’s Rockefeller Center counterpart. Go to skate, or just sit at the café and enjoy a winter cocktail! 

3. A stroll up Avenue of the Americas: I always enjoy the walk up 6th between 47th and 50th street because they put up giant Christmas installations at this time of year. It’s the same art every year, but that just makes it a bit more nostalgic to me. My walk ends at Radio City Music Hall where you can feel the energy from the Christmas Spectacular show radiating from the building all season long!

2. Rockefeller Center: I always end my Christmas walk at Rockefeller Center. It’s not Christmas until you stop to see the famous Christmas tree at the Rock! Beautifully decorated every year, this tree serves as the community tree for those who may or may not have one at home. A big piece of Christmas cheer for everyone to enjoy and a prime photo opt for anyone looking to add some Xmas spirit to their Instagram feed! 

1. A little cup of heaven from Jacques Torres: My last stop is not about an attraction but a treat! I always end my Christmas tour with one of the best cups of hot chocolate I’ve had to date from Jacques Torres Chocolatier. If you haven’t had it before, do yourself and your taste buds a favor and get there, stat! The hot cocoa and chocolate chip cookies are to die for here and I guarantee by the time you finish one you’ll feel the full potential of your Christmas cheer! 

Monticello, NY: A Weekend Retreat to Remember!

Looking for a quick winter weekend getaway from New York City? Gather a handful of friends and head upstate to Monticello, NY! This cute little town in the Catskill region is an oasis for anyone that doesn't mind a little snow tagging along their trip. Book your stay with Red Cottage Inc. to make the experience that much more unforgettable! 

I recently made the weekend trip with a few friends and it was a bonding experience like none other. From snowy hikes through the woods to cooking all of our meals and everything in between! We played games, soaked in the hot tub and got to know each other that much better!

I'd suggest this as a weekend run for anyone looking to strengthen the bonds amongst friends or lovers. It was a quiet weekend with a great group of people that I would gladly do again before the season ends; and Red Cottage Inc. gets two thumbs up for providing a great atmosphere for that magical weekend!