Gustav Von Aschenbach: A new line by Robert Geller

This season a designer we know and love decided to introduce something new to the world. Robert Geller unveiled his new line entitled, Gustav Von Aschenbach.  Personally I think it’s kind of a mouth full of a name for a clothing line, but Robert said he named it after a character from one of his favorite childhood books, so I suppose it includes a level of nostalgia for him.

Regardless of the name, it’s the clothes that stand out here. Pretty different from his namesake line, this one has a more casual, baggy silhouette. I think the goal was to produce something that was a little more diverse and ready to wear. It’s also priced significantly lower than his other line, making it a bit more accessible to the public.

The presentation itself was what really got my attention though. Starting with the casting- we all know that diversity hasn’t always been embraced in fashion, but lately I’ve been noticing a lot of designers casting more diverse and interesting young models in their shows. At this particular show, Geller’s choice to cast all black models brought a smile to my face. It’s not something you see often especially when the designer isn’t a person of color. I’m not sure if the choice was made to make the clothes look more urban and cool, but in all honesty I don’t care. I’m just happy to see more of these young models getting booked.

Aside from the cool casting choice, the set was interesting to me as well. Each model was placed in front of a solid color door. Each door matching the color of their garment and representing one of five colors that made up the palette for the whole collection. Overall I thought the presentation was clean and cool. I didn’t love all the color choices, but I think there were some pieces in there for everyone. I’m looking forward to seeing where this new line goes for Geller and if it will match the success that we all know he is capable of.