Restaurant Laurent, Paris, France: Fine dining the French Way!


It’s no secret that the French know how to eat, and we all know Paris is known for its amazing culinary scene. I recently got to experience some of the best food Paris has to offer and believe me when I say the experience was life changing. I’m talking about The Restaurant Laurent. A gem of an establishment tucked away in the gardens of the ever-popular Champs-Elysées.

I was happy enough knowing where we were going that night so you can imagine how much wider my smile got when we walked past the main entrance to a back door that led straight to the kitchen. A friend of mine is good friends with the head chef, Alain Pégouret and let me tell you, it paid off. 

The service was impeccable. 12 courses of edible artwork and the visual of these artists cooking up a storm in front of you. I was speechless. My palette has never been so affected, so alive or so intrigued. I absolutely loved every minute of it. I didn’t stop there though. As a true foodie and ambassador for foodie establishments, I took a walk around this venue to get a sense for the whole experience and there was no disappointment. The staff was friendly, the décor was beautiful and the food was incomparable. This is worth the stop and money for any seeker of fine dining in the city of lights. I'll let the images from that night speak for themselves...